Air traffic tax

Air traffic tax

Earnings should benefit air traffic

Besides other charges and fees, Germany is one of the few countries in Europe demanding a direct aviation tax. Annually this tax contributes over one billion Euros to the budget of the German Government. It is charged for all flights taking off from German airports. Despite the immense importance of air traffic to our economy, the airlines are massively burdened with this tax. 

Furthermore, the tax results in notable bureaucracy and administration effort with according costs affecting both national and international carriers and their passengers. In evaluation reports, even the Federal Ministry of Finance states that charging the tax leads to a loss of about two to five million passengers per year. It is clear that the air traffic tax neither supports effective climate protection nor does it allow for a sustainable overhaul of the state budget.

BARIG therefore explicitly advocates the intended revoking of this burdening and unnecessary charge as addressed in the government’s air traffic concept. The thereby liberated funds could rather be invested in quieter and lower-emission aircraft. Until the achievement of a withdrawal of this charge, which represents only 0,16 percent of Germany’s total tax revenue, these earnings should serve the specific purpose of benefiting the aviation industry, for example by investments in innovation and research on topics such as energy usage and noise reduction. 

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