Single European Sky

Single European Sky

Unitary airspace preserves the environment and saves costs

The restructuring of the European airspace is long overdue and limps very much behind regarding the planned schedule. The priority aim of unitary airspace and a common air traffic control in Europe is the optimization of the flow of traffic.

More security, decreasing costs and positive impacts on the environment through reduced detours would be the positive consequences. Up to 50 million tons of C02-Emissions could be preserved if aircrafts would approach their destinations on direct routes in an unitary airspace over Europe, instead of detours and zigzag courses which are currently necessary due to the inefficient system. BARIG postulates a consequent conversion of the present "Functional Airspace Blocks Concept" (FAB) into the „Single European Sky" (SES) which is pursued for decades already. The fragmentation of the airspace in national blocks has to be reorganized. BARIG sees the United States as an ideal example where are no patchwork flight routes but straight flight paths. In the US a single national air traffic control manages the double amount of flights and causes half as many costs for the airlines in comparison to Europe.

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